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A Legacy of Fun: Famous Badger Bingo


When you ride the SS BADGER, there is something for everyone. When you come on board you take a step back in time, while enjoying some modern amenities. One of the most popular activities to do onboard is to play a game of Famous Badger Bingo! With a four-hour trip across the Lake, you’ll have plenty of time to play a game, or two, or all. Enjoy the food and beverage services and the best views of Lake Michigan while you have fun playing games of Bingo. A simple treasure, but in the best atmosphere. People come from all over the world to play Bingo with us.

New this year, the last game of Bingo played at the end of each crossing, will receive a special commemorative dinner plate for the prize. This special edition plate is made of fine, bone-white china and includes a decorative photo of the boat on the front and a biography about Lake Michigan Carferry and the SS BADGER on the back, each coming with a certificate of authenticity. These plates sell for $25 in our gift shop. Every other game of bingo will include our classic prizes of special SS BADGER memorabilia.

Also new for 2020, due to health and safety concerns surrounding COVID-19 we have created paper bingo cards for passengers who would like their very own card to themselves and help prevent the spread of any germs. These paper cards also feature larger numbers for passengers who may have vision imparities. All of the bingo cards we have onboard are sanitized between each crossing.

When was the last time you played a game of Bingo? Join us onboard the SS BADGER and enjoy a game with us!

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