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The Interlake Steamship Company

SS Badger's Pride

As the largest privately held U.S.-flag fleet on the Lakes, Interlake has been carrying the bulk cargoes that have been fueling the region’s economy since its founding more than 100 years ago. A second-generation, family-run company, Interlake is propelled by a long-term vision to make its fleet of nine vessels the most efficient and environmentally responsible in the shipping industry.

Led by President Mark Barker, the company has invested more than $100 million to modernize and improve its ships to safely and reliably transport 20 million tons of raw materials annually, including iron ore and fluxstone for the steel industry, stone for the construction industry, and coal for power generation. Interlake employs about 400 men and women who live and work in the region and the cargoes they deliver help generate and sustain more than 103,000 jobs in the eight Great Lakes states. You can learn more about Interlake on our website.

Interlake and the S.S. Badger

In December of 2020, Lake Michigan Car Ferry, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Interlake Maritime Services, purchased the historic S.S. Badger. Along with the Badger, Interlake acquired her sister ship, the Spartan, and the assets of Pere Marquette Shipping Company that runs the Tug-Barge Undaunted-Pere Marquette 41. Interlake is excited to add these ships to its growing fleet. The company has over a century of experience when it comes to maritime transportation and aims to use it to bring the S.S. Badger to its full potential.