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Passenger Perspective: the Benesh Family – A Unique Loop Tour, Turned into a Family Reunion

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Are you looking for a unique and memorable trip to do with your family? Consider taking after the Benesh family.

a truck is parked on the side of a buildingHailing from Northern Illinois, Michael and his family – 19 passengers in total – decided to embark on their first annual Loop Tour Trip around Lake Michigan. In total, the family owns 7 Toyota Land Cruisers FJ40’s and 3 Jeep’s ranging in years from 1974 – 1978. They decided this was the perfect getaway for their family and to see some new places that have been on their bucket list.

On a Thursday, they left home and headed north through Wisconsin and ventured through Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. They stayed the first night in Escanaba, MI then headed north to Grand Marias on Lake Superior. They explored the Forest Roads and got to experience places such as Paradise, White Fish Point, Tahquamenon, and travel over the Mackinac Bridge. One of the highlights was camping overnight in Mackinac City. Once in the Lower Peninsula, they stopped in Traverse City and followed along the lake to Ludington. They rode the BADGER on a Sunday morning, arriving back in Manitowoc with enough time to make it home before the end of the day.

a person wearing a costumeIn total, the Benesh’s traveled about 1,000 miles in 4 days. From Thursday to Sunday, they were giddy with how many new memories that they had created, including helping to pull out a stuck minivan in the Upper Peninsula to enjoying a spectacular sunset by the Lighthouse in Ludington. They also noted that they only had to stop once for a repair – to adjust a clutch and replace a fuel pump. Other than that, the Loop Tour was a success!

Part of the inspiration for going on the Loop Tour was to take a break and relax as a family. After driving for 3 days, they decided to ride the BADGER as a way to have one last “hoorah” all together and take a pause from driving. They were excited to play bingo, enjoy the views of Lake Michigan, and enjoy some food and beverages before getting back on the road.

The SS BADGER has been a Legacy on the Lake Since 1953 – let us help you create your family memories today! Plan your road trip, family reunion, group trip, work retreat, or more onboard the BADGER. Group discounts start with a group of 10 or more people. For more information please visit, or call (888) 227-2628.

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