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Passenger Views: Bicycling Across America with a Lake Break

a group of people riding on the back of a bicycle

In her almost 70 years of service, the BADGER is well accustomed to carrying a variety of vehicles of all sizes. One great way to see the world is by bicycle and passengers are enjoying taking a lake break to connect them to more trails.

In early June, Dan and Dorothy sailed on the BADGER as part of their cross-country tour on two wheels.

Hailing from Southeast Wisconsin, they departed on an Amtrak train for Boston, Massachusetts on May 16th to ride their bicycles back to Wisconsin. Instead of cycling through Chicago, they opted to take the BADGER for a change of scenery.

“This is my first time on the BADGER, it has always been a bucket list item to sail. In July, I will be 70 years old,” Dan said when he aboard. “It worked out great to sail on the BADGER to connect us home, along with connecting us to a variety of safe trail options.”

The trip is expected to take them about 26 or 27 days to cover more than 1,500 miles. Sailing on the BADGER gave them a morning of rest, so they could take time in the afternoon to get home before dark.

Last year, Dan and Dorothy biked 2,300 miles from Seattle, Washington, back home to Wisconsin. He’s been biking since 1985 and it’s become a family tradition that he now enjoys with his children and grandchildren.

When sailing on the BADGER, bring your bicycle along for only $6 one way or $11 for a round trip. Take a 48-hour mini cruise and receive a special discounted price and take your bicycle along to make it an adventure.

Explore the Midwest aboard the historical BADGER, the largest cross-lake passenger service on the Great Lakes – an authentic steamship experience. The BADGER crew is eager to welcome you. Buy tickets today at

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