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Take a Quick Adventure on the BADGER, Enjoy a 48-Hour Mini Cruise

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Ready for a mini adventure? Or need a quick vacation? Consider doing a Mini Cruise onboard the BADGER. If you are traveling without a vehicle and depart and return on the BADGER within a 48-hour time frame, you would qualify for the 48-Hour Mini Cruise Special. In honor of our 70 Year Anniversary in 2023, all Mini Cruise tickets are only $70 each!

Ludington and Manitowoc both offer a variety of fun things to do, all within walking distance from the dock.

Ludington is home to multiple restaurants, great places to shop, and is not far from amazing beaches and home to two Lighthouses. Right outside of Downtown is the Ludington State Park which is home to amazing trails, shoreline, and the best outdoor adventures in the region.

Manitowoc has amazing restaurants and great downtown shopping. They are home to popular attractions such as the Wisconsin Maritime Museum, Rahr-West Art Museum, Farm Wisconsin Discovery Center, Cedar Crest Ice Cream Parlor, Beerntsen’s Confectionary, and much more.

When sailing on the BADGER, it’s only 60 miles between the port cities and only takes 4 hours to cross. During those 4 hours, the BADGER hosts multiple amenities including food and beverage service, a gift shop, a movie theatre, a museum, kid’s activities, indoor and outdoor lounging, and the crowd favorite: world-famous BADGER bingo!

The 48-Hour Mini Cruise does not include vehicles; however, you can include a bicycle. Both Ludington and Manitowoc are bicycle friendly. Consider a day trip or an overnight excursion, however, we are not able to accommodate an overnight stay onboard the BADGER. Please visit Pure Ludington or Visit Manitowoc for more lodging information.

Take an adventure on the BADGER, the 48-Hour Mini Cruise Special can be applied any time during the season. Call (800) 841-4243 and ask for the 48-Hour Mini Cruise Special. Come and explore Ludington and Manitowoc, while experiencing the BADGER. Big Ship, More Fun!

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